异军突起的M43超广大光圈手动镜头 - LAOWA老蛙 7.5mmf2 | M43 large aperture ultra wide angle lens - LAOWA 7.5mmf2

LAOWA老蛙?! 相信大家对这个品牌一定很陌生。据我所知也只是对他们家的微距镜头略有印象罢了。广角镜头?!好像没怎么听说哟!

LAOWA?! Believe that many of you aren't familiar on this brand. As far as I know that they are manufacturing on macro lens only. Wide angle lens?! Not yet heard before.

于是上网搜了搜才发现这是一家2013年才于中国成立的一家公司,属Anhui Changgeng Optics Technology Co., Ltd (Venus Optics)所有。

They are Anhui Changgeng Optics Technology Co.,Ltd(Venus Optics) which established on 2013.


Initially I was wonder for a new established company, how good their lenses can be? Rarely able to find the photos upload by users on internet but only advertisement photos. Most of the advertising sample photos are not so reliability. 

在机缘巧合下认识了马来西亚的LAOWA代理。由他口中获知他本身也在使用LAOWA全幅镜头LAOWA ZERO-D 12mmf2.8,于是就和他要了实拍照片看。看了后让我对这个品牌的镜头素质有了大幅度的改观,画质无论中心或边缘都蛮不错的哦!但基于本身是M43用户,所以12mmf2.8看似很棒但不适合我使用。

Just nice that one of my friend is the LAOWA gents. And he is using the full frame LAOWA ZERO-D 12mmf2.8, so I have a chance to get the actual user photo from him. The photos look great on both corner and centre, I start to have a deep impression on this brand. Although the 12mmf2.8 look great but it can't fit my M43 system. 

过了几个月后,有网络消息指出LAOWA要推出M43卡口的大光圈超广镜。大光圈超广镜 - 很吸引人哦!除了拍摄风景,用来拍摄银河想必更加的棒。后来消息确认,LAOWA推出了今天这篇评测的主角 - Compact Dreamer 7.5mmf2 手动大光圈超广(M43 Mount) 

Few months later, there was rumours said that LAOWA will come out a M43 mount large aperture wide angle lens. Large aperture wide angle lens not only able to use for landscape but also the milkyway,  it caught my attention. Finally the rumours came truth. LAOWA announced the Compact Dreamer 7.5mmf2 which is the lens I want to review it today. 


There is 5 lenses on the 1st round pre-order, I am lucky that able to borrow one of them to have the review. Let us start our lens review journey.


The little frogs look happy with LAOWA lens. LOL.

LAOWA C-Dreamer 7.5mmf2

口径为46mm | Filter size 46mm

因为是手动镜所以没有金属接触点 | No electronic contact points due to manual focus lens

LAOWA 7.5mmf2 很小一颗,和Olympus 12mmf2几乎一样大小 | As small as Olympus 12mmf2

E-M1配上LAOWA 7.5mmf2 | E-M1 with LAOWA 7.5mmf2

镜头资料 | Lens Details (Copyright by )

看完了镜头基本资料后,接下来我们切入镜头的实拍画质部分。由于我本身拥有Olympus 7-14mmf2.8 Pro 镜头,所以自然的就拿这颗来和LAOWA 7.5mmf2比较。

I owned Olympus 7-14mmf2.8 Pro, so just nice that I able use it to do the comparison with LAOWA 7.5mmf2.

Olympus的镜头素质一向很棒,拿来和这颗手动镜头比较会不会占尽了优势呢?在我做测试前绝对的对7-14mmf2.8 Pro的锐利度有着满满的把握,但测试后的成绩还有点让我张大嘴巴久久无法合拢。

The Olympus lenses always doesn't disappointed me. Dose it totaly can't defeated? I am confident on the image quality and sharpness of 7-14mmf2.8 but the result of the comparison a bit surprising me. 

来,大家看看LAOWA 7.5mmf2 VS Olympus 7-14mmf2.8 Pro的对比吧!

Let us see the results of LAOWA 7.5mmf2 VS Olympus 7-14mmf2.8 Pro!

The comparison on the sharpness and image quality in different aperture(lens center). 


The comparison on the sharpness and image quality in different aperture(lens edge). 

看了两颗镜头中心与边缘画质和锐利度的对比后,是不是觉得LAOWA 7.5mmf2蛮不错的呢?相信画质及锐利度的加分是由于定焦的关系,这颗镜头做得很成功呀!

It is a nice lens after we saw the results right? Good sharpness and image quality possible due to it is a prime lens but not zoom lens.


Now we are testing on the tough situation which under strong sunlight and harsh angle. Both are protruding glass, so this type of glare is understandable. 

接下来看看它们对变形的控制度。虽拍摄时的位置有些许差别,但很显而易见的LAOWA 7.5mmf2有点桶装变形。Olympus 7-14mmf2.8 Pro 保持了广角的线状变形而没不被接受的桶装变形,在变形控制上7-14mmf2.8占了优势。暗角方面则也是7-14mmf2.8 Pro略胜一些。

Now we take a look on the lens distortion. Although there was slightly deviation on the position I took, but obviously to see the distortion on LAOWA 7.5mmf2. Olympus 7-14mmf2.8 control well on lens distortion. 


Let us see on the actual shoots after the technical comparison. The photos below are direct jpg with slightly adjusted on white balance and brightness. Without adjust on sharpness, highlight, shadow and etc due to testing purpose.


I think people will write complaint letter if the testing photos all done with a lot of post processing right?


Let us view the photos~


I think most of you able to find out this lens performance after viewed so many photos right?


Some of the photos were use to test on strong light and also close up shoot.


You can see few of the photos were face to strong light, the result of anti-flare large better than I expected.


I had tested on the close up shoot too. The closest distance is about +/-6cm.

LAOWA C-Dreamer 7.5mmf2 优缺点:

LAOWA C-Dreamer 7.5mmf2 Pros and Cons:

  • 些许桶装变形 | Slightly Barrel Distortion.
  • 某特定强光角度下有明显眩光 | Flare on some angle with strong light.
  • 手动镜 | Manual focus lens.
  • 无防尘滴 | No weather seal.
  • 某些E-M1机身会有接触问题 | Some E-M1 may have contact issue.

  • 小巧 | Small and light.
  • 性价比高 | Valuable.
  • 画质和锐利度很不错 | Good sharpness and image quality.
  • 大光圈F2 | F2 large aperture.
  • 不错的近摄距离 | Having good close up distance.
  • 滤镜口径46mm,能省下滤镜上的花费 | Filter size 46mm, can save money on accessories.



This is a good lens. Suitable for the users who like to have ultra wide angle with large aperture and don't mind to use manual focus.

*Review is absolutely neutral

*You can buy from me if you in Malaysia~

~ END ~